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Frequently questions

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 When is the best time for traveling to Morocco?

The best time for visiting Morocco is either in the spring from March to May or in fall between September to October. Other months can also be pleasant if you prefer it very hot and sunny, or you don’t mind the cold.

 What if I want to extend the tour?

It is very common. You can arrange it directly, at least 24 hours in advance to extend.

 Is the price per person & how many people fit in a car?

 Same price for:

  • 1 - 4 people in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • 1- 8 people in a minibus.
  • Buses for large groups.


 Do you work with professional photographers?

Yes, and we know where the best locations are and times of day for the perfect photo.

 Do you work with professional photographers?

Yes, and we know where the best locations are and times of day for the perfect photo.

 What language is spoken in Morocco?

The official languages of Morocco are Berber and Arabic. They can also speak French and Spanish because Morocco was a colony of former France in the center of the country and Spain in the north.

 Do I need a visa to travel to Morocco?

Currently, citizens of the USA,  the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, among many others, do not need a visa to travel to Morocco, provided they have a passport of usually six months' validity and an onward or return ticket(with supporting documents).


 Are there any special discounts?

Yes,for students & handicappers.Yes, for students & handicappers.

 Is English spoken throughout Morocco?

English is taught as a second language in schools. However, you do not assume everyone you meet will be able to converse in English. It can to retain a tour guide on your small or private group tour.

 What vaccinations are required or suggested for travel to Morocco?

The Kingdom of Morocco has reopened its maritime and air borders and travelers, under certain conditions for the COVID-19, can access Moroccan territory if they have a Vaccination Pass and/or a negative PCR test depending on the mode of travel chosen: by sea or by air:

  • -Passengers bound for Morocco must present a vaccination pass and a negative result of a PCR test less than 48 hours before boarding the plane.
  • -It should be noted that all vaccine passes issued by other countries are accepted provided that they are valid in their country of issue.
  • -Travelers wishing to access Morocco are recommended to contact their airlines or embassies for more information on access conditions.
  • -Before boarding, passengers must present a health form, duly completed, including the passengers' address and two telephone numbers allowing them to be located during their stay.
  • -On arrival at Moroccan airports, antigenic tests will be carried out randomly.

If the tests are positive, other preventive measures will be put in place.

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